I fell in love as I was applying this product to my hair and it was still in the twist! I was suffering from some serious hand in hair syndrome because my twist were sooo soft, full, and perfectly moisturized and coiled at the end. It was as if this product had breathed a new kind of life into my hair. Seriously! (STOP READING AND GO BUY SOME)

Elizabette -The Peoples Daughter

I used @chenatural Hair Smoothie (THE G.O.A.T.) and spritz of water to install about 8 to 9 chunky bantu knots last night and took down/fluffed this morning with an afro pick. Loveeee...



I will not buy another facial cleanser from the store. Your soap lathers very easily and does not dry my skin out and I have eczema.  It removes my make up and mascara  better than previous products that I have used. The shampoo bar cleansed my hair in one wash.  It did not take much to get a good lather so I should get quite a few washes. 

Mrs. Jamilla  


Just wanted to say I purchased your butter and I love it.



Your product is AH-mazing! I have been using it on me and my daughters hair for a couple of weeks now and I love how long it keeps our hair moisturized and how incredibly light it is! I have to admit, when it arrived I was concerned the container felt empty! The best part it is a little really does go a long way which is great when I have to share lol. Will definitely be reordering. This is my new favorite moisturizer for our protective styles!



Going natural is fun.!!!I use to fuss and fight with my hair, but could never win,Now today, that is a different story, because me and my hair have a beautiful relationship.Thanks to Che' natural hair smoothie. My hair feels so soft and smells so good. Thank you Che' Natural

Rhonda C.


If you want something that actually works get with my folks @chenatural asap my beard is finally growing in like it suppose to thanks to this it works like magic.

Nick W.


My hair is 4c & Che' Natural has my hair laid and manageable!!! I love the smell, texture & look of my wet & go. :) My New best product! Thank you! 

Shante K.


Sooo, Day 1 of use on Scooter and Jannah!!! So far after washing Scooters hair and using the smoothie, her hair was very soft and manageable!! Almost as if I had conditioner in it!! She did not once say her favorite line "Do it Soft" she never had a tangle maa sha Allah!!! Jannah hair was also softer and allowed her braids to lay and stay in place!!:) Good stuff so far!!!

Ayishia M.

Everyone who knows me personally, knows that I am very particular about products that I use for myself and children. I must say this is one of the best products I have used on my hair recently. I love it. As long as she continues to make it, I will always buy it. Check her out! ##supportsmallbusinesses

Tiffany R.


Hey Che', so I couldn't find a hair moisturizer to use for my middle daughter hair that wouldn't dry her hair moist rather than dry it out so she wouldn't scratch her head so much. Well I can honestly say that after using your Che' Natural product, it keeps her hair moist & she doesn't scratch as much now as she did before.. I also notice that her hair is growing in the back & on top where she pulled it out at. With that being said Thank you & I will be hitting you up very soon for a new jar!!

Vanity J.


When Che Natural has your 5 year old son waves doing numbers.. Yall see my king. He was like mom you see my waves yet?? I'm done with the curly top lol



I use Che' Natural as grease, leave in conditioner, heat protectant and its a very beneficial product!

Nimerah UmmN'sirah


Hey girlfrannn/curlfriend
You know I always tell you that you were on to something w/ just the hair smoothie but this shampoo bar is it!! I serious love Che’ Natural hair smoothie cause it’s the only hair product that doesn’t need to be reapplied constantly. My Bella has that sandy/brown dry hair that is non-porous & can easily look ashy. The smoothie brings life to her hair & gives it moisture. I constantly keep her hair in protective styles washing her hair once a month, however retouching it biweekly. I only need to reapply the Che Natural biweekly & when I do the hair is still soft & manageable from the previous 2 weeks. We ❤️❤️it here & I use it for my son & our skin as well.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Jen Bunny


So I live in Chicago...and last week it reached a low of -20 degree windshield outside, which is the worst possible weather for natural hair. But @chenatural has continued to keep my hair INSANELY moisturized!!! Looking forward to the next purchase.

Dariyan Hopper 

Hey gf....I don't have many pictures, still trying to get this twist-out right. Lol. But what I must say is that you have a awesome product. My hair has never been this moisturized and soft. I apply it to my scalp, hair, and these edges. I did the big chop at the end of August but only been wearing my hair out for the last few months. It's been growing really well. Definitely a hair care product to keep in your stash at all times. Wishing you much continued success and thanks again :)

Shanique H.


I should be thanking you for making something that actually works on 4c hair without leaving residue. You rock!!!