Will Che' Natural ™ work on someone with Alopecia? Yes, however each person results is different. 

Is Che' Natural ™ good for eczema in the scalp? Yes, it has a herbs and aloe in Che' Natural ™ which has a soothing feeling and other natural ingredients that moisturizes your scalp.

Is Che' Natural ™ safe for babies and children? Yes, all ingredients are all natural 

Can men use Che' Natural ™? Yes, they love to use it especially for their beards. Great for grooming, moisture and promotes hair growth.

Is there a expiration date or shelf life? Yes, 8-12 months after opening. All ingredients are All Natural

Dear valued customer, unlike many other so-called “All Natural” companies, just check our ingredients and you’ll see what you’re getting, GUARANTEED! No “poly” this or “oxide” that or any other crappy harmful preservatives you can’t even pronounce! Our Che’ Natural Organic Hair Smoothie is made from ONLY the purest Unrefined Shea Butter and Pure Essential Oils. Therefore, during summer months or if you live in warm climate regions, for best results, we recommend that you keep your Hair Smoothie in a cool dry place or perhaps slightly refrigerated. If left in hot automobiles, climates above 75 degrees or similar places, Che’ Natural WILL NOT replace or refund you.
Thank you for your order and we look forward to serving you again soon!

SHIPPING POLICY  time 7-10 business days, you may experience some shipping delays

RETURN POLICY Returns will ONLY be offered if the product is in its original packaging, unopened, in saleable condition, with receipt and within the 10 day return period from original date of purchase.



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