Our Sista, History Teacher & Ambassador!

Our Sista, History Teacher & Ambassador!

My name is Dana Fergins and I serve as Teacher Clinician, history teacher, Adjunct History Professor, and Motivational Speaker.  I have over 20 years of experience in education with a record of proven results. My honors include 2017 Nomination Teacher of the Year, 2013 Texas PTA Lifetime Achievement Award, 2007 Ridgewood Middle School Teacher of the Year, 2007 Louisiana Distinguished Clinician for Supervisor of Student Teachers in Middle School, 2007 LSU-S Distinguished Clinician for Supervisor of Student Teachers in Middle School, and 2006 Louisiana Middle School Association Award of Excellence.


However, I am extremely proud of advocating natural hair pride and being a alopecia fighter. I fight alopecia and eczema daily. I was so thankful to discover @chenatural for my hair and skin wellness. In fact, I have been a Chenatural Ambassador since 2019. 


Hair and skin wellness is ongoing. We have to be careful of what we put in our bodies and what products we use on our bodies. My natural hair journey began in 2017. My natural hair journey transformed with natural hair organic products. I was able to grow my hair back using Chenatural Hair and Skin Smoothie on my hair and massaging into affected alopecia areas. I am able to fight eczema flare ups using Chenatural turmeric soap and Hair and Skin Smoothie. You can find natural hairstyle tips, healthy hair wellness tips, and makeup tips on my Instagram @curly_talk_with_dana_fergins



Dana Fergins, M.Ed., M.A.

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