How I started my business?!

How I started my business?!

Desperate Mother  

I started off with researching natural alternatives for my daughter who was diagnosed with severe eczema and at the time she was being treated by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Dermetology twice a week in which my 2 year old daughter was being prescribed all types of steroids which was too harsh for her little skin. I figured I had to do something before her skin is ruined or addicted to harmful unnatural chemicals. 

Research & Experiment

So I started to google everything underneath the sun. Google became my best friend. I first googled the side affects of the current medications she was being prescribed then I started to look up natural alternatives. That’s where I begin to concoct different ingredients and I started a journal where I dated and begin to use on my daughter until I got results. Long story short that’s how Che’ Natural ™ began ..... Ps my daughter is currently 11 years old!!! Saying that because this process wasn’t over night. Trust the process!  



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