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Hello curly beauties! My name is Zita Rose and I’m a natural hair and beauty blogger. My natural hair journey began 8 years ago. Before I get into that, let’s take it back a few more years. I stopped relaxing my hair back in 2006. Yup, I laid the creamy crack down. Not because I noticed any visible hair damage or stunt in hair growth. In fact, my hair was extremely thick, manageable and appeared to be very healthy. I stopped the relaxers because I loved and longed for the huge curly fro look that I’ve been seeing more frequently. On a hunt to find ways to transform my hair into this voluminous fro, I took to YouTube! I spent endless hours on YouTube watching girls tell their natural hair stories and demo hairstyles. Instead of big chopping, I made another courageous decision to transition my hair. I cut off about a half inch to an inch of hair every few months until my naturally curly hair took over. This took a total of 5 years. Throughout the process, I deep conditioned religiously and protective styles became my best friend. I can’t stress the importance of deep conditioning enough. If I had to give one piece of advice for new naturals or seasoned naturals it would be to deep condition weekly. My favorite dc is Shea moisture’s super fruit complex 10-1 renewal Mask. I also like to add in a few drops of jbco and sit under the hair steamer for 20 mins. The end results are always amazing. Always remember to stay hydrated and moisturize moisturize moisturize!  You can find more tips and hairstyles on my ig page @itszitarose.image1.jpeg

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