Featuring: Abiyah Naturals

Featuring: Abiyah Naturals

My name is Topia Tessema and I am the owner/product developer at Abiyah Naturals. I have officially operating Abiyah Naturals since 2012 but have been making handmade products for over 15 years. I am truly a believer in all things handmade and find that handmade and truly natural products are more effective for our skin and natural hair.

Advice that I would give to the natural hair community is it to make sure you are using a product that provides the right balance of oil/moisture to our hair. After years I've discovered that proper hydration is key. Dry hair can lead to breakage and inhibit growth. Topically applying hydrating products, sealing in moisture, as well as making sure you are drinking enough water is key so that your skin and hair is getting the moisture it needs.

My favorite natural ingredients/ products that I regularly use is Aloe vera and Raw Shea Butter. They are so versatile and useful for all over body care!

In addition to hair care products, I'm widely known for my handmade plant based soap. For years I have been known as "The Soap Lady" and am thankful because this title given to me by faithful customers encouraged me to approach Whole Foods Market in Wynnewood, PA about my handmade soap. It was the push of my local customers who knew me as a "street vendor" at local events who believed I should proceed with approaching the market. I followed through, was accepted and Abiyah Naturals soap is now in Whole Foods going on 3 years now. I'm am grateful for the journey so far and even more grateful to be an example to other entepreneurs who also have a gift that they want to share with others. Perseverance is key and keep on pushing even if the journey looks rough!

Local customers can now also shop Abiyah Naturals in East Falls. We offer natural body care products, along with a variety of handmade items. We can be found at:

3510 Scotts Lane
Entrance 30
Suite 2916A
Philadelphia, PA 19129

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